Our philosophy about

The future of morphology

We believe that the merge between human creativity and technological evolution is a powerful tool for achieving a sustainable and ecological future. The result - your ideas, our principles and 3D printing combined!


Discover a new world of creative possibilities. We believe that future praxis relies deeply on high-resolution tools to deliver zero waste products which do not compromise their environment.


Question the conventional methodologies for form-finding within your academic curriculum and acquire a new skillset.

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Grab the opportunity to shop bespoke 3D printed objects for your home, hobby and lifestyle made by a selected group of designers.

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Rethink, Reimagine, Redesign

The context of current innovation challenges the known morphological grammar. Now more than ever, design can accomplish functional geometry through the algorithmic methodology. Explore freely the world of unknown shape pragmatism.

  • Product design
  • B2B branding
  • Zero waste solutions
  • Parametric design
Rethink Reimagine Redesign
rapid prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Digital form-finding requires cutting edge technology such as 3D printing for the execution of the developed complexity. This fabrication and production method has proven to be the most effective and reliable without compromising on the quality of the final piece. Imagine art in a 3D form.

  • Large scale printing
  • Custom fillament colours
  • No minimum colours
  • Custom design

Ecology & Sustainability

Zero waste is embedded deeply in our workflow and primary locus, therefore we challenge material capacities to their optimum limits. We implement materiality advocating for the synergy between the biological and the digital domains. The materials utilised are only biopolymers which are non-toxic, recyclable and biodegradable.

  • Sustainable materials
  • Circularity of materials
  • Minimum C02 footpring
  • Local resources
ecology and sustainability екология и устойчивост

We created sustainably with:

Our teams combined efforts to foster collaborative thinking to harvest even further the potential of the symbiosis between 3D printing and ecology.

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